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posticon Anchor Babies Need to Stop...

Cheapening, Devaluing, and Diluting Citizenship
American Thinker

Edited to add:
The Constitution has this provision to make citizens of former slaves. (The 14th Amendment).


Yusef is a five-year-old United States citizen. His parents aren't U.S. citizens. He speaks no English. He doesn't dress or act like an American. He doesn’t remember America.

Abdul is Yusef's brother and also a U.S. citizen. He understands very little English. He speaks, reads, and writes in Arabic. At age 14, he obsesses about football, but not American football. He has no memories of Georgia.

Around 1999, their father attended Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia on a student visa. Abdul was born while the family lived in Georgia. Nine years later, on a short 'visit' to the U.S., Yusef was born.

Yemen is the only home the boys know. Yemen is the center of their national identity, interest, and memories. Although born to Yemeni parents -- with no loyalty or ties to the United States – both boys became U.S. citizens.

They are legal U.S. citizens, but are they Americans?

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He's an "anchor baby", ensuring that his parents can claim American citizenship, and mass-immigrate their extended families.

Proposals to stop this travesty are being considered.


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