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posticon Other Wolfeboro Water Projects...Forest Road/Libby Street

"What to do with Wolfeboro's waste water in the long term after the failure of the Wright-Pierce design is the subject of a study by Underwood Engineers. Ford reported that all options are on the table, including pumping the effluent across Lake Winnipesaukee to the regional plant in Franklin (which was the plan years ago) and considering other disposal sites. The settlement of the Wright-Pierce suit will be needed to fund whatever option is most promising.

That lawsuit demanded a lot of Ford's time, so some projects, like the Route 28 Corridor Study and redesign of Pine Street and Crescent Lake Avenue, have fallen behind. In both cases Ford said meetings with stakeholders and additional research need to be done.

The major upcoming project is the Center Street Reconstruction, which also involves completing other sewer, water line and drainage projects in adjacent areas. Since the N.H. Department of Transportation is only funding one project a year, the Middleton Road reconstruction will be done this year, starting in September, and the massive Center Street project will not begin until 2015.

About 150 new water meters remain to be installed by town employees. Monthly billing for water and sewer use has started.

The building study of the Libby Museum is in process but will not be completed this year. The HVAC upgrades at the library have improved cooling but balancing issues remain that contractor Strogen is working on.

Drainage work has started on Forest and Birch roads and Libby Street, which are scheduled to be paved by Aug. 1 along with Stoneham and Jenness Farm roads.

Finally Ford commented on the completion of the replacement Public Works garage. His department will move there during Town Hall reconstruction and Ford is now weighing whether to stay there even after the renovation is complete. A date for an open house for the new building will be announced shortly.

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