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posticon Abenaki Ski Lodge, Cate Park, Middle Road Cemetery...

There is a balance of $28,[sign in to see URL] left over from the 2012 Town Hall improvements that will be carried over and applied to the cost of new first-floor windows in the building.

The Parks and Recreation Maintenance Building is nearly finished, with only cleanup to do. All vendors have been paid, including those left unpaid when the contractor defaulted.

The Abenaki Ski Lodge design is coming in under budget. Requests for proposals for engineering services are due by Friday, June 13.

Jon Lovering will begin repairs to the Cate Park Bandstand any day now. He is donating the labor to do the work and only charged for materials. The bandstand will be ready by July 4.

Construction of the new town cemetery on Middleton Road will begin shortly by successful bidder Gillum Construction.

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