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posticon WPD to Sell Impounded Firearms...

Chase announced that the department has forwarded a proposal to the Attorney General's Office seeking approval of its plan to dispose of confiscated and surrendered firearms.


"We begin with the premise that these firearms have a value and we would like to capture that value rather than simply destroying them," said Chase.

If that gains approval, the evidence officer will compile a list of all firearms held, how they came into the department's possession and why they can't be returned to the individual from whom they were seized. The prosecutor will then file a motion with the 3rd Circuit Court requesting authority to dispose of the listed firearms in accordance with RSA 159:25.

Chase told the commissioners that he would like to set aside a day for local, licensed gun dealers to look over the fire arms before then submitting sealed written bids. There are between 30 to 40 guns in the lot. The proceeds would go into the town's general fund.

Goodgame said he thought the chief would want as many folks as possible participating, but Chase expressed concern about eligibility. Copeland suggested letting members of the public at least look at the collection alongside the dealers.

Chase is considering a second option to sell the entire lot of firearms for cash to a single dealer experienced in transactions with police departments.

I'm OK with this...
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