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Was the last election rigged?


In the aftermath of the kerfuffle about metadata being used for national security purposes, it's worth asking whether (and what kind of) personal information somehow found its way into the hands of political people for the President's political benefit -- because there is significant benefit to any political campaign that can "mine" such data. Note that the companies involved in the NSA data-collection collection matter were huge Obama supporters.

Although some kinds of metadata collection is necessary for national security purposes, is there any assurance that personal information collected by these companies (and others) didn't find flow to the Obama campaign, either known or unbeknownst to the company's leaders? Those who are outraged by personal information (or even metadata) being collected and used for national security without people's consent should be even angrier if intrusions occurred -- not for a public benefit -- but for the President's partisan gain..."

The news focus has been NSA, but the IRS harassment is bigger news in terms of future elections...
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