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Canned Goods Last and Last...

I'd stumbled into a Prepper site:


"'Use-by' [sign in to see URL] canned goods, these can be generally ignored. Most canned goods will last and remain a healthy food well beyond the ‘expiration’ dates.

"Cooking [sign in to see URL] only oil any of us should use for cooking is coconut oil. We have expeller pressed, naturally refined coconut oil that does not smell or taste like coconut. Coconut oil is made up almost entirely of medium chain saturated fats that cannot spoil if kept at ambient [sign in to see URL] oil will still be edible long after any of us reading this are gone. It is healthy and should be a part of our diets. We are on our way to having several hundred pounds stowed away for when we can’t get it anymore..."

Alas, I've lost the URL...

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