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Runboard Posting Policy

Stated below are the Official Runboard Rules as posted at the main Runboard site. Any violation to these rules will result in your post being edited or deleted or your membership may be terminated.


Official policies - what is and what isn't allowed on Runboard

This topic may be subject to modifications - additions, substractions and maybe even more algebra.

This is the list of material that, currently, is absolutely not allowed on Runboard IN PUBLIC OR PRIVATE BOARDS/FORUMS:

- Adult material, as in "Sexually explicit pictures, writing, movies or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.". This obviously includes child pornography.

- Warez, as in "derivative for the plural form of the word "software" meaning copyrighted material traded in violation of its copyright license." This includes links to warez. A board full of links to warez or pirate divx bittorrents is NOT fine.

- Racism, antisemitism and co. - search Google if you need a definition.

- Slandering, as in "Oral communication of false statements injurious to a person's reputation."

What is permitted? Everything else. As long as something is not explicitely prohibited - it's permitted - UNLESS it's just obviously wrong to any mentally sane person.

What happens to boards that go against these rules? If it appears a necessity, a board is suspended pending review. After review, the board might be unsuspended, or might remain suspended. This decision also depends on how the admin(s) of the incriminated board react(s). Often, removing the offending content and warning the board's members is enough.

Ultimately, the board can be deleted - this happened before and can happen again, however in most cases, reasonable diligence will be performed before this irrevocable step is taken.

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